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“I have to say that working with Edward Baden was pleasure. Right from the initial contact to sign off of the job everything was excellent. I would certainly recommend your company for anyone trying to move a business premises.”
– Simon Elford, Director at Brooklin Models


The Client

Brooklin Models Limited is the world’s leading manufacturer of 1/43 scale hand-built white metal miniatures. Unlike other businesses that mass produce models in high volume, Brooklin Models has been handcrafting them in small quantities since 1974 – fully built and ready to display. Brooklin’s skillfully crafted models celebrate the American automotive history of cars and trucks from the 1930s to the 1960s. 

Nestling in the corner of a small Industrial Estate in the Historic city of Bath, Brooklin’s 5,000 square feet of production area houses twenty-five skilled staff who continue to showcase the best of American automotive history through their creations.


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The Project

The Brooklin Models two-phase removal project was scheduled to take place in Autumn, 2022. Over the span of eight days, Cube Relocations relocated all equipment, furniture, stock and staff effects from Bath to the new premises in Paulton, Bristol. A total of 1000 sq ft of storage was provided for 8-10 weeks through Cube Relocations’ sister company Cube Self Storage, for the storing of Brooklin Models’ parts and products.  Plastic removal crate hire and other specialised moving equipment were provided by our sister company – Easycrate to facilitate a seamless business premises move.

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The Solution

With over 20 years of extensive industry knowledge, Edward Baden (now Cube Relocations) worked closely with the Brooklin Models team to successfully perform a smooth transfer that minimised downtime to the manufacturing time frame. Achieved by:

  • Cube Relocations’ management and coordination of all relocation activities, in particular the planning and execution of the move;
  • Professional, bespoke packing of moulds, models, packaging and general effects;
  • The supply of professional moving equipment including lidded plastic crates, computer crates with flat screen protectors, anti-static bubble bags, bubble wrap, labels, and other materials;
  • Working closely together with the client’s on-site Project Manager to agree where items were moved from and located to within the new premises, in accordance to the mapping;
  • On-site Supervision throughout the move;
  • Expert packers, Fitters, Porters, IT Engineers, as required;
  • An ongoing review of activities and deadlines with the client’s representative;
  • An agreed sign-off from the client’s representative only when the business move is complete.


The Process

Prior to the relocation, and following a final briefing with a Brooklin Models representative, our Cube Relocations’ Supervisor carried out an interior building’s conditions audit. This ensured the building’s protection during the move with Cube Relocations’ team using correx, hardboard, and multiple layers of paper covers.  


Phase 1 – Over a five day midweek programme during normal working hours, the Easycrate team delivered 160 lidded crates and labels, as required, to prepare for the packing of moulds, models, packaging, and general effects for storage. Cube Relocations’ relocation team simultaneously prepared for the packing and loading of furniture, equipment, and packed crates onto our removal lorries. Items transferred for storage included heavy machinery: compressors, casting machines, a Myford Lathe, heavy presses, PCs, and their associated IT equipment. Upon arrival at Cube Self Storage, the Cube Relocations team offloaded lorries and placed them into the storage facility. A 1000 sq ft storage unit was booked to store Brooklin Models’ consignment of effects for approximately 8 to 10 weeks. 


Brooklin Models PR1 Brooklin Models PR2


Phase 2 – The team transported all stored effects to the new premises at Paulton, Bristol over the course of a three day midweek programme during normal working hours, where they were placed and unpacked in accordance with the floor plans and instructions. At the end of the operation, the team checked all areas that everything was carefully relocated to the new building, and Cube Relocations Supervisor signed off with the on-site representative to ensure complete satisfaction.


Brooklin Models PR3


Project Highlights

Cube Relocations collaborated closely with Brooklin Models to guarantee the relocation project was completed with minimum downtime and disruption. Progress and deadlines were carefully and constantly reviewed by our on-site Supervisor. Upon completion, Cube Relocations team checked all areas to guarantee that unwanted items had been environmentally discarded, that all required effects were transferred to the new premises and that a completed sign-off from a Brooklin’s representative was received.


Additional Information

While many renowned white metal model manufacturers, such as Elegance Models, Durham Classics and Western Models have come and gone, Brooklin, one of the pioneers in this collector’s genre, not only has survived, but thrives. Brooklin’s unique and high quality hand crafted cars have gained well deserved recognition over the past 50 years, with the company winning many prizes and awards for its creative model-making. Today, its ‘Brooklins’ are still just as eagerly sought after by those fortunate enough to know about this unique ‘Made in England’ brand. 


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Take a look at the list of all the prizes and awards that Brooklin Models has received in time and some of their latest creations

Should you require similar specialist moving services, contact us or give us a call on 01825 744630 to speak to our friendly team. We will be delighted to be of any assistance to you.


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